Thursday, October 2, 2008


We were just clued into something big here at big!

Billed as "The Largest Festival for Dogs in North America," it's never to early to plan for Woofstock, and seeing as it is not until June 13 & 14 2009, this is planning really early. But if you figure that it is in Toronto, many of you may need to pick up your passports and petports and whatnot.

This brings up a question. How easy is it to bring your pets across the boarder? We didn't know, so we called our friendly neighbors to the north to ask about import requirements.

Those 'always friendly' folks clued us into what you would need to enter Canada with your furry friend. In most cases a record of vaccinations will be sufficient, most notably a rabies shot.

You can give the local Canadian Inspection Agency in Ontario a call and make sure your pet will not need any other info with him/her, here is the 800 number: 800-835-4486.

You can also visit their website here:

Just a little plug for us here...We're shipping to Canada!!!!! So for those of you that are already north of the States, take a look at our wide selection of pet's growing everyday!

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