Monday, October 20, 2008

Some Modern Cat Scratchers

There has been some complaints that we write too much about dogs and don't focus enough on other cats. So on this chilly Monday we are going to feature some new modern cat scratchers.
The first line is by Square Cat Habitat. The coolest feature of this modern cat product line is that you can make steps out of these shelf like scratchers.
There are a lot of colors to choose from as far as the scratching insert and the bamboo choices are a fun little plus. Here are some pics of the "Itch" Modern Cat Scratcher and the "Buddha"...

That looks like fun, here is a wall scratcher...they call it the "Itch."

And this kitty was just too cute not to add...he is sitting on the "Itch" with optional horizontal brackets...

The other line that is fairly new is an Eco-friendly one made out of recycled materials...the scratchers can be 100% recycled at the end of their life. That is a pretty cool feature when you are trying to be not only Eco-conscious but style-conscious as well.

Marmalade has a few cool wall scratchers that are a pretty fair price.

And some modern loungers that cats will love to lay on and scratch away.

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