Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Lexie lew on CSN and

So we blogged about the designer pet beds last week...designer personalized beds if we are getting technical. And someone wrote in to ask about Lexie Lew pet beds, saying they heard about em on Daily Candy a lil while ago...
As it happens we were well on our way to adding them to the site when you asked!
These pet beds have some of the most interesting fabric choices...and you can really tell that pets love em. Here is a little sample...

And here's another Lexie bed!

You can check em out at, or you can buy em and browse the selection on All Pet Furniture as well!
For those of you waiting for the next Halloween pet safety video, it'll be up and ready by the end of the day.

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classy closets said...

these pets are really pampered! or shall i say spoiled? lol