Thursday, October 23, 2008

What type of pet furniture do you do?

On a recent google search of pet furniture and just random thoughts on pet stuff, here is what we came up with and here are some questions we have for pet owners...
What are you looking for in the realm of furniture for your pet?
Does it have to be modern? Do people want a large sofa just for their dog?
When you have a cat do you want things like litter boxes to be hidden within furniture?
Has anyone out there tried to make their own litter box covers? How did that turn out?
These are questions we want to know about...and we want pictures too!

This mostly stems from a discussion we have been having that deals with those plots of grass you can buy for your dog. You know the ones...they look like this.
We will be adding these little portapettys, or some like them, sooner than later to, but we thought a discussion would be healthy first. Do people have these in their homes? Do you put them on your decks? Do they work as advertised? So many questions...but we just want to know!
Happy Thursday people, the weekend is almost here! We will post something fun in a bit so stay tuned.

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Bean Bags said...

My 3 dogs absolutely can't live without their bean bag chairs. They like to "dig" on top of the bean bag chairs as if they're burying their toys, it's so cute! Here's a cute photo of my dog in his bean bag chair! Great thing is if you get a washable bean bag, it will last a long time which is always great for your budget! Dogs just love bean bag furniture.