Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Personalize my pet! Or just personalize my pet bed!

People were really excited about that puppy video yesterday! Keep those e-mails coming people!

So someone was asking about personalized dog beds, actually they wanted it for their cat whom seems to take up space on a pillow whenever it is on the floor. Well, the perfect personalized pet bed is here! We recommend the P for princess since it seems that her kitty is quite the little princess. Here are some options when it comes to adding that touch of personalization to some pet products…

#1 the pet bed... Here is a line of pet beds by AY Rover that allows you to add an initial of your choice. There is a fairly wide selection, here are a few.

#2 the pet bling… Every dog and cat needs a little bit of flash…so personalize a pet collar for them. Something like this from 26 Bars and A Band is nice..

As always...If you know of anything that you want us to blog about, or anything you think we should be adding to our site, just let us know!

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