Friday, December 14, 2007

Treat your dog or cat like part of the family with Comfy Pet products. Comfy Pet develops innovative pet products ranging from pet comfort to animal health, including dog houses, pet homes, dog beds, mats, pillows, and pet furniture, all featuring Comfy Pets’ trademark quality, appeal, and affordable prices. Comfy Pet is a registered trademark of A.P.C-2000 Inc. Established in 1992, APC-2000 began as a small pet products company in California. Today, it markets more than 75 products in countries all over the world. With "the next new thing” as its motto, APC-2000 is always working to create cutting edge design for reliable pet products.

Unattractive dog crates are a thing of the past! At first glance, this cedar wood elegant piece of furniture looks like an end table, blending seamlessly with your home d├ęcor. The Comfy Pet Cedar Indoor Dog House is actually a spacious indoor hideaway for smaller dogs and cats, constructed of solid cedar in a beautiful clear finish. You can even keep a grooming brush on hand with the convenient storage drawer so your dog will truly feel at home, in your home. This is a perfect gift for your pet, especially this winter when they will spend more time indoors. The best part about this indoor pet home is that it repels smells so you can keep your pet can sit comfortably with the whole family!

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