Wednesday, April 2, 2008

New Arrivals from Ruff Wear!

The folks at Ruff Wear have really outdone themselves this time. The 2008 spring lineup includes new and improved Palisades™ and Approach™ Packs, the Swamp Cooler™ Dog Vest as well as a few new collars and leashes.
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We'd like to feature our favorite product from their spring line, the new Swamp Cooler™!

Here's how it works...

The Swamp Cooler™is great for any dog that spends elongated periods of time outside during the summer months. Your dog pines for cool shade while you're roaming through the wilderness with the hot sun on her back. Think about how great it feels to put a cold, wet wash cloth on the back of your neck when you're overheated and sweaty on a hot day. You can give your pup the same kind of cool comfort by soaking the Swamp Cooler™ with water and sliding it onto their back.

How does it work you ask? Evaporation, solar protection, and heat transfer. Yes, the folks at Ruff Wear are pretty darn smart.

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