Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Outdoor Pet

Your dog wants to go everywhere you go and do everything you do. You'd obviously like to take them everywhere, but sometimes nature's elements are just too much for them...until now. Ruff Wear has come up with apparel for even the most rugged, outdoorsy of canines. The Ruff Wear line features harnesses, coats, lifevests and even boots so that your best pal no longer feels left out when you go camping, hiking or skiing! Thanks to Ruff Wear, it's now possible to see if in fact, your dog can keep up with you...and vice versa!

Are you and your pooch hikers? A spirited dog sometimes needs more adventure than his regular cruise around the local trail. Indulge your canine when you fill the Approach Pack II™ Dog Backpack with essential supplies like food, water, bowls and goodies. This backpack is built for comfort: non-chaffing, fur-friendly liner, fleece-padded belly straps and spiderweb structure for plenty of ventilation- perfect for extended wear. Available in blue and red, with a reflective trim for added visibility and safety, the Approach Pack II™ Dog Backpack is the perfect gift for your outdoor pet. Your companion’s infectious anticipation will have you both charging towards the trail!

If you jog or camp with your pet at night, consider the Ruff Wear - Lighted Lab Coat™ with Optional Reflective Dog Leash with illuminating, high-visibility, Glow-in-the-Park™ technology (1000 ft./300 m visibility). The technology uses a compact battery-pack to illuminate bright blue flexible wires running along the sides of the coat to keep your pal in sight—especially important in conditions where reflective materials can’t be seen. For added visibility, the contrasting colors and reflective trim of the Lighted Lab Coat stand out in a range of light conditions. This durable and great-fitting safety vest gives you peace-of-mind knowing your dog will be easy to spot in rural and urban settings, night or day.

All of Ruff Wear's products perform by providing benefits, functionality, and durability in demanding outdoor environments. Check out all that Ruff Wear has to offer, now you and your beloved dog will be able to do even more things together! And for more products for your furry friend, please visit us at All Pet Furniture, part of CSN Stores.

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