Thursday, August 16, 2007

West Paw Design: The Earth Friendly Pet Company

West Paw Design does all they can to reduce waste, making sure to cut as much raw product as possible out of every bolt of fabric, then reusing the scrap material where they can. West Paw rescues and reuses old boxes to store finished products, and employ recycled material in the packaging. Finally, even some of West Paw's products themselves are recyclable!West Paw believes in our responsibility to the next generation, whether four-legged or two. By keeping all of their manufacturing local, West Paw does not only provide great jobs, they get to know each other as friends and family. They work hard to support one another, both on the job and outside the workplace. West Paw Design pays a fair wage and provides good benefits, such as health insurance, retirement accounts, and paid time off. Most importantly, every employee of West Paw Design shares in the success of the company through our profit sharing program. West Paw Design supports causes that are dear to the employees’ hearts by participating in community fundraising events, and donating money and product to organizations that are important. West Paw Design believes that they are only as good as the people who work there, and you won’t find a better crew anywhere!

Spruce up the home for the holidays with these stylish new wintergreen eco naps and festively fun eco toys. Super soft, yet durable Intellitex fabric made from 85% recycled plastic bottles, is clean, safe and comprised from completely reengineered fibers. All items are stuffed with care using intelliLoft fiber fill. With a variety of adorable shapes such as the ho-ho hairball and the merry mittens, don't wait any longer! Get your cat or dog this one of a kind treat today! A great way to give mother nature a gift while letting your pet know that Santa's on his way! Also the perfect gift for any environmentally friendly pet owner!

Tricks for treats! Halloween is just around the corner...give your precious pet one of these unique earth friendly play toys! Choose from "Spook," the friendly ghost, "Berber Bat," and many more! West Paw Design creates many eco friendly products ranging from furry play toys like "Cheddar," an adorable little mouse to cozy organic bumper beds. Browse through our All Pet Furniture, part of CSN Stores, to view West Paw Design's entire collection. Let us know what you think!

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